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1998 - 2023 (25 years)

From baker to consultant

  • The baker, the apprentice (1972 to 1980) Bakery family
  • The perfectionist,  graduated from Canadian Bakery Council (1977) and AIB (1984)
  • The technician,who helps to stimulate the performance (1980 to 1998) 4 companies (1980 Maple leaf Mills, 1988 Unilever, 1993 Canada Bread, 1995 Puratos Canada)
  • The counselor, The one who helps to get off on the right foot (1998-2023) ConsultationFORMA-LAB
  • The trainer, the one who helps to overcome (1998-2023) Training / FORMA-LAB 
  • The developer, the one who creates in difficult contexts (1998-2023)     R&D / FORMA-LAB
  • The producer, The one that increases your productivity (1998-2023)
  • The captain, who demonstrates the leadership of the team (2004 Canada - 2009 Quebec)
  • The coach, the one who supports the team spirit and the sense of belonging (2007-2010-2016)
  • The mentor, the one who grows up and who advises to discover the skills and important values (1998-2023)
  • The jury member, recognition of the work accomplished by his / her pairs (2007-2008-2010-2011-2012-2016-2017-2018)
  • The consultant, the one who is proud of work done on the projects of his clients  (1998-2023) FORMA-LAB
  • The traveler,  it is the experience of the trade with the international scope, 34 countries (1998-2023) FORMA-LAB
  • The president of the jury, the pride of the one who realized his dreams (Masters / EUROPAIN 2010)
  • EBI member, decorated with the Medal of Elite of the International Bakery / EUROPAIN 2016
  • The ambassador, 10 years of presentation of Canadian products in Japan  2011-2022 
  • The contractor, The one who has worked in the shadow of successful products, to dare is to succeed.

ladies plump japonladies plump japon

Mario Fortin Elite Medalist International Bakery

1972 - 2023
 51 YEARS experience at your service!

Mario Fortin Président des Masters 2010

Président of the Jury, Europain 2010

Masters first edition

Japon 2017

           25 th American Baking Seminar in Japan 2017