Achievements in the bio-food sector

Here are the companies that FORMA-LAB has helped over 19 years as a consultant;

Achievements with Industrial Bakeries / Breads and Rolls

Achievements with industrial bakery

Achievements with Bakeries / Frozen Dough & Par-baked Bread

Réalisations avec les Boulangeries / Pâtes Surgelées ou Pains Précuits

Achievements with Artisan Bakeries

Achievements with artisan bakery

Achievements with Industrial Pastries / Cakes, pies, biscuits, muffins, donuts, etc.

Réalisations avec les Pâtisseries Industrielles/Gâteaux, tartes, biscuits, muffins, beignes, etc.

Achievements with Ingredient Suppliers (technical support)

Réalisations avec des Fournisseurs d’ingrédients (support technique)

Achievements with Equipment suppliers (technical support)

 Réalisations avec des Fournisseurs d’équipements (support technique)

Achievements / Laminated Pastries Factories

Achievements vieneses

Achievements with Gluten-Free Products

Réalisations avec les Produits Sans Gluten

Achievements with Frozen Desserts

Réalisations avec les Desserts surgelés

Achievements with specialties (pizza, hors d'oeuvre, pâté, pancake, etc.)


Achievements with Schools, Research Centers and Associations (Seminars, demonstrations, training, competitions and activities)

Réalisations avec les Écoles, Centres de recherche et Associations (Séminaires, démonstrations, formations, concours et activités)

Achievements with Grocery Chains

Mario has helped several agri-food processors to refine and complete the records required for private labels. He has done it in all areas; Breads, cakes, biscuits, pies, pâtés, pizza, hors d'oeuvre, etc.

Chaines épiceries

International Achievements

1989 Las Vegas, Nevada / IBIE / Projet Fibread / Maple Leaf Project

1993 Las Vegas, Nevada / IBIE / Canada Bread

1995 Düsseldorf, Allemagne / IBA and project of Donut

1996 Bruxelles, Belgique / Symposium at Puratos

1997 Las Vegas, Nevada / IBIE / Puratos

1999 Kingston, Jamaïque / Pizza and Bagels / Picard Equipment

2001 Mali, Afrique de l’Ouest / Food Industries Tahara and Tahara

2001 Athènes, Grèce / Franchise Méga Bagels

2001 Las Vegas, Nevada /  IBIE / FORMA-LAB and Danisco

2003 Kansas, USA / Baking presentation / Danisco

2004 Lille, France, Team Canada at first Louis Lesaffre Cup

2004 Orlando, Floride / IBIE Show

2005 Paris, Europain / Demonstration CBakery wolrd Cup

2007 Toluca, Mexico /  Louis Lesaffre  Cup/ Team Canada Manager and Coach

2007 Lille, France / Jury member Louis Lesaffre cup / Western Europe Division

2007 Lille, France / Mix developement for Lesaffre

2007 Las Vegas, Nevada /  IBIE / FORMA-LAB

2008 Toluca, Mexiico / Lesaffre Baking Center / SAFMEX

2008 Paris, Europain / Member of the Jury at the Bakery World Cup

2008 Amsterdam, Pays Bas / Member of jury / Bakery Cup of the country

2008 Reno, Nevada USA / Gourmet Baking / Muffins and Biscuits

2009 Lima, Pérou / Andes Cereals/ Farinart

2009 Port au Prince, Haiti  / Project of pizza

2009 Paris, France / The bread Festival on the Parvis Notre-Dame with Team-Québec

2009 Düsseldorf, Allemagne / Exibition IBA

2009 Cologne, Allemagne / Anuga Foods Show

2010 Paris, Europain / President of the Jury for the  1st  edition of Bakery Masters

2010 Alabama, USA / Help to start up Soft Rolls plant / AMF Canada

2010 Las Vegas, Nevada / IBIE Show /  Louis Lesaffre Cup / Team Canada Coach

e011 Lyon, France / Member of the Jury Louis Lesaffre Cup / Western Europe Division

2011 Osaka, Japon / Japan Home Baking School / Introducing 20 Canadian Products

2012 Paris, Europain / Member of the Jury at the Bakery World Cup

2012 Aurillac, France / DProduct demonstration at Christian Vabret School

2012 Osaka, Japon, Japan Home Baking School /Make the recipe book in Japanese for 2013 Seminar

2013 Moscou, Russie / Research & Development, development 7 products

2013 Osaka, Japon, Japan Home Baking School / 41-days Mandate for KHBS School

2013 Las Vegas, Nevada / IBIE Show

2014 San Juan, Costa Rica / Lesaffre Baking Center

2014 Paris, Europain / CBread Raising for Judges / Bakery Masters

2014 Bruxelles, Belgique / Training on gluten-free

2014 Tokyo et Osaka / 22th American Baking Seminar / Japon / Sun-maid

2015 Buenos Aires, Argentine / Winner Louis Lesaffre Cup / Team Canada Coach

2015 Tokyo et Osaka / 23th American Baking Seminar / Japon / Sun-maid and Green Valley Pecan

2015 Jakarta, Indonesia / Jury Member Louis Lesaffre Cup / Asia Division

2016 Paris, Europain /  Team Canada Coach at World Cup /  EBI Medalist

2016 Lille, France, reproduction of the World Cup of the podium teams

2016 Tokyo et Osaka / 24th American Baking Seminar / Japon / Sun-maid and Green Valley Pecan

2016 Carouge, Suisse /  Wolfisberg Bakery

2016 Las Vegas, Nevada / IBIE Show / Bread for Sun-Maid Booth

2017 Rimini, Italie / SIGEG / Member of the jury  /Bakery Contest 2017

2017 Petit Bourg, Guadeloupe / crackers project

2017 Tokyo et Osaka / 25th American Baking Seminar / Japon / Sun-maid et Green Valley Pecan